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Benefits of DTG Printing Limitations of DTG Printing
DTG printing allows for high quality and maximum detail designs with a great finish. DTG printing can only be used on cotton t-shirts.
Poly/cotton mixes or polyester do not produce the same high quality, long lasting image and an alternative printing method such as DTF would be used.
DTG printing allows for intricate designs which may not be possible with alternative print methods such as vinyl heat transfer. DTG can not match the exact pantone colour code.
DTG is ideal for all quantities of printing applications. Prints onto darker garments may appear less vibrant but this is combated by using pre-treatment spray.
Benefits of Vinyl Printing Limitations of Vinyl Printing
Vinyl printing is brilliant for bright coloured, clear designs; especially texts. This method of printing can only print single colour designs
Great for one-off event and for promotional t-shirts. Limited to the number colours which available and may not achieve an exact match to the original design.
Great for low quantities of items in one small printing run. Large vinyl designs can add extra weight to a t-shirt
Benefits of Versacamm Printing Limitations of Versacamm Printing
Suitable for producing colour gradients This printing method may fade over time due to exposure to UV rays and also excessive washing.
Creates a sharp accurate finish The design could potentially crack due to heavy wear
Great for small to medium quantities Not suitable for large runs of orders.
Benefits of Screen Printing Limitations of Screen Printing
Good for large areas Not economical on small or medium orders
Complex designs have a great finish Can be environmentally harmful due to the chemicals used in the process
Great for large quantities (Orders over 1000 pieces) A traditional method which is often not used due to the advancements of DTG and DTF printing
Benefits of DTF Printing Limitations of DTF Printing
Produces exact replication of the original design DTF prints are not as breathable as DTG prints due to the logo or design being placed on top of the item.
Achieves bold colours with any colour able to be replicated Ironing over a DTF print can cause discolouration. We recommend that you follow our wash care guide.
Ability to print onto sportswear items Not as soft to touch as a DTG application
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