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Pricing Overview

We try to keep our pricing as simple as possible, but due to the huge number of ordering possibilities on Clothes2order we have to provide pricing that reflects the very different costs of certain aspects of your order. There are 3 main costs associated with any order. Firstly, there is the cost of the products themselves. Secondly, there is the application charge; the cost of actually applying your design to your garments. Finally, for all customisations there is a one-time setup charge. This is the cost of turning the artwork you provide into a format that can be used by our embroidery or printing machines.

Product Costs

At Clothes2order, we stock and supply a huge range of clothing and other items from various manufacturers. We offer quantity discounts on all products so you can get the best possible price; the more you buy, the more you save. On every product page you will find a pricing table which indicates how much each item will cost based on the quantity you order. Quantity discounts are based on the total number of an item you order.

For each printing or embroidery application you have on a garment, a cost is applied. The cost depends on the number of applications you require; the more you purchase, the cheaper the cost of each application. For example, if you order one garment with three printed logos, that would amount to three printing applications. The current application costs for printing and embroidery are:

Printing Prices

Quantity Price Per Application
1 £8
2-9 £5.00
10-34 £3.50
35-99 £2.75
100-249 £2.50
250+ £2.00

Embroidery Prices

Quantity Price Per Application
1 £8.5
2-9 £5.50
10-34 £4.00
35-99 £3.25
100-249 £3.00
250+ £2.50

Embroidery Prices (High Stitch Count)

Quantity Price Per Application
1 £16.00
2-9 £10.00
10-34 £7.00
35-99 £6.00
100-249 £5.00
250+ £4.50

The price of applications is based on the total number of applications you have within your order. So, if you have 10 print applications on one set of items, and 90 on another within the same order, you will qualify for the 100-249 price. Application costs apply in addition to the one-time setup charges. We charge for applications in this way as it allows us to differentiate between the costs of printing and embroidery and hence offer our customers the best value prices. All applications must be within a single order to qualify for the bulk discounts. High stitch count embroidery pricing applies on designs greater than 15cm wide and on repeat embroidery customisations with 25,000 stitches or more due to the significant extra costs and time incurred to produce them. Over 95% of embroidery applications we produce contain less than 25,000

Setup Charges

When ordering a customisation for the first time, a setup charge will be applied to your order. The setup cost covers the time and expense of converting the file or text you upload into a format that can be used by our printing or embroidery machines. The current setup charge list is as follows:

Type One Time Cost
Printed Text: £2.99
Embroidered Text: £4.99
Printed Logo: £4.99
Embroidered Logo: £9.99

Remember, once you have paid a setup charge for a customisation, you will automatically not be charged this fee again on subsequent orders.

Optional Order Extras

At the 'Assign positions and preview' stage of the order process, several additional features can be added to your order:

Name Description Price
Individual printed names & numbers Individual printed names and numbers can be added to items using the online order process. This is perfect for sports teams, fun events or any occasion where you require different names printing on each item. £3 per item for a name or number and £5 per item for a name and number.
Inside printed label We can print your label in the inside back position of selected garments. Although we're not able to remove the manufacturer label on your behalf, printed labels offer a great way to brand your clothing. £2 per print.
Individual product bags If you wish items to be individually bagged we are able to provide this service. Items will still be dispatched together in the same outer packaging, however each item within the package will be supplied in an individual clear poly bag. £0.53 per garment.
Gift options If you wish to hide the prices from the printed invoice, and/or add a personalised gift message to the invoice, this can be selected during the order process. FREE

Getting a Price

If you just want to get a price, please use our fast and easy to use instant quote system. This can generate a full and exact quote for your order. During the order process, click the "sub-total" link in the top right corner at any time to view the current total price, including all customisation charges, delivery and VAT.

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